How To Make Your Own Tasty Low-Fat Pizza?

American-style pizza is notorious for being loaded with so much meat, cheese and other topping, significantly increasing the fat and sodium level. Unfortunately, it is often argued that anything that is fat-less and salt-less will be tasteless. It can be quite a challenge for people who want to become health conscious, but still want to have very tasty meal. Achieving such a balance can be tricky and it’s nearly impossible to find a pizzeria that can provide something like this. It takes some experiment to avoid making your low-fat, low-salt pizza bland. It is definitely possible to make delicious pizza, although you significantly reduce the amount of salt and fat.

Fat is still an essential part of our nutritious diet and having a low-fat pizza is good enough to ensure your nutritional balance. In general, fat should represent only 30 percent of your daily calorific intake. By having a low fat diet, you should be able to reduce the amount of unhealthy fat. This is especially true if you are able to reduce the amount of unhealthy, saturated fats, which could raise the amount of bad cholesterol. On the other hand, there should be much higher proportion of monounsaturated fat, which can help you to make your condition better. The reduction of saturated, bad fat is an integral part in your attempt in making a low-fat meal.

First of all, you need to find low-fat substitute of your ingredients, which can help you to reduce the fat content. You should be flexible when adjusting the cooking procedure and your decision should reflect all the changes. It is also a good idea to calculate the amount of calories you need, so you can really have a healthy pizza. The first change that you should implement is by changing the composition of the crust. In general, crust should contain some amount of shortening or oil. Instead of using butter for the dough recipe, you should consider using vegetable oil, or even better olive oil. It should be noted that coconut and palm oils have relatively high saturated fat content. Instead of using regular milk, you should consider the non-fat option.

By making these two changes, you already make quite a dent on the fat content of your homemade pizza, while maintaining the overall taste. In fact, you can get stronger flavour with extra virgin olive oil. Higher level of dietary fiber could help in removing bad fat through your colon. So, instead of using regular white, refined flour; you should use whole wheat flour. This is also an opportunity to add less salt to the dough. If you want to reduce the amount of carb, you should reduce the quantity of the flour and mix some egg whites to become a binding agent. You can go further by using low-fat cheese and various lean meat products. The quantity of salt in your homemade tomato sauce and to compensate for the loss of taste, you should add more spices, herbs and pepper.

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