How To Set Up Lighting For High Ceiling Rooms?

High ceiling rooms can be quite tricky to manage and attempting to light them up can be quite difficult. In many cases, wall sconces and typical table lamps are not sufficient to make these rooms appear brighter. For rooms with exceptionally high ceiling, even a couple of ceiling lights are not enough to make things look brighter. If you want to have proper lighting sources, you should adopt the right kind of lighting strategy. First of all, you need to fully evaluate the high ceiling room, such as the placement of the appliance and furniture. Additional lighting outlets could be needed in areas with high traffic. There could also be interesting visual details on the ceiling that need to be highlighted, such as murals and plaster moldings. They will require you to have the proper kind of lighting.

You should be aware that the high ceiling itself is often a part of the interior design. A room with high ceiling often feels more spacious and elegant compared those with lower ceiling. It means that your lighting should be able to emphasize the high ceiling as part of the overall design. You need to make sure that the lighting system can provide an excellent ambient light, such as by using hanging fixtures and flood lights. You should make sure to install these light sources at the proper intervals. Again, you should choose place stronger light bulbs at the high use areas. Light placement should also be focused on various areas of interests, such as display cases, entertainment centers and fireplaces. If you want to have a light source that is closer to the eye level, you should use a chandelier.

Sconces can be used in high ceiling rooms, but you often need taller and larger sconces for that. An ideal length for sconces should be about one meter or three feet. They should be placed vertically, which can add to the visual appeal. If you install vertical sconces properly, you will be able to make the high ceiling room feels more inviting. When you install general lighting, you should consider using dimmer switches, which can help you save energy. It requires a lot of luminance to make a high ceiling room bright, which is not something that you want to have permanently, because you will waste a lot of energy. During many occasions, when you don’t need to read or have an attention to any detail, you can set the lighting to become somewhat dimmer.

If you there are decorative and architectural features in your high ceiling rooms, you can use accent lighting. If you want to illuminate a 30-degree field and focus on a spot, you can choose spot lights. Moldings and murals in high ceiling room can be illuminated properly using the spot lights, which can be placed at an angle or directly opposite. Arches, cupolas and recessed corners should be well featured when we use spot lighting in a proper manner.

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