How To Improve Diesel Performance With New Injectors, Pump And Turbocharger?

Many owners of diesel cars want to get some extra amount of performance from their engine. They install performance intake, exhaust and chip on their rig. The diesel performance industry is quite active, especially because many car, pickup and truck owners won’t to boost the performance of their vehicles even further. If your goal is to have exceptional diesel performance, you should know what components to replace. One good example is that larger injectors will allow you to get extra horsepower, because an extra amount of fuel is injected into the cylinders. You will have increased torque and horsepower. With a bigger injector, you will also be able to increase the mileage of your car.  When choosing a bigger injector, you should make sure that it is based on the extrude hone process because you will get noticeably smoother holed in your injectors.

As a result, you will have increased mileage for your diesel engine. Another way for injectors to become larger is by making more holes at the injector nozzles. If you have more holes, it means that you will get finer fuel mist and better atomization means getting more power from each drop of fuel. Another thing to consider is by upgrading the pump. If you plan to pump more fuel with a bigger injector, it also means that your pump should be able to keep up. The type of pump you use depends on the make, model and the year of your vehicle. As an example, some cars require rotary style pump.

You should know that these pumps are lubricated by diesel fuel, so choosing the wrong type of pump will cause it seize up. If you are fortunate enough, there are a plethora of modifications that are related to your pump. As an example, you may use the diesel fuel plate attachment. You may also consider using newer common rail pump and you need to keep your rail pressure up. You should make sure to have modified pump and run dual feeder pump. However, you should know that injection pump modding is just half the battle. It is important to make sure that the lift pump is able to keep with the overall demand.

This should be where systems similar to the AirDog and FASS, which should be come in handy. Another thing to consider is to have a bigger turbo. This is a good path to choose if you already have an extra amount of fuel and air running through your internal system.  Because you have a bigger volume of exhaust, it can be reused by choosing a turbo for your diesel vehicle. If you have an existing turbo in your system, you can upgrade it with several options, such as stainless steel, ball bearing, non waste gated or waste gated and using variable vein or not. Whether you have the right kind of turbocharger depends on your personal preference and application. You should check big names in the diesel turbocharging market and choose the one that is more appropriate for your vehicle.

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