How To Use The Proper Trailer Hitch?

You will need a trailer if you want to bring snow mobile, jet ski, dirt bike, boat and horse in a trailer. In this case, you need to make sure that the trailer is properly hitched up. So, it means that you need to choose the right kind of trailer hitch that will be able to properly match any of your towing requirements. If you bring heavy loads, such as a big boat, you will need to have a reliable hitch. So, it is important that you choose a hitch that properly accommodates all of your basic towing needs. The Class I hitch is the lightest, wit the ability to carry 200lbs at the tongue and 2,000lbs of gross trailer weight. This hitch should be appropriate for minivan, small truck and regular cars.

You should be able to use this hitch for towing small aluminium fishing boat, jet skis, dirt bikes and pop up campers. The Class II hitch is more capable, by carrying 350lbs at the tongue and 3,500lbs of gross weight trailer. You should be able to use the hitch on cross overs, mini vans, pickups and regular cars. You should be able to pull multiple motorcycles, jet skis and snow mobiles, as well as regular size power boat and fishing boats. The Class III Hitch can pull up to 500lbs tongue weight and 5,000lbs of total trailer weight. You can use it for regular vans, SUV, car and full size pickups. You should be able tow horse trailer and decent sized boats. When using this type of hitch, you need to make sure it is appropriate for your vehicle.

With Class IV hitch, you should be able to deal with 1,200lbs at the tongue and 10,000lbs of trailer capacity. You should be able to use this hitch for utility vehicle, van and full size pickup. They should work well for pulling a bigger boat or camper. Class V hitch is the heavy duty model, allowing you to haul 1,200lbs of tongue weight and 10,000lbs of trailer weight. Unlike the Class IV hitch, it is a weight distributing type. You will be able to tow a camping trailer, large boat, mid-size car and horse trailer. Because the weight is distributed properly, you will have good stability, even when you tow big loads. If you need to tow really big campers and boats, you may use gooseneck hitches.

If you need exceptional performance, you should choose models released by premium hitch manufacturers, such as Putnam, Valley, Curt and Reese. They should be able to produce premium equipment and receiver hitches. You should make sure that these hitches are made from high strength steel. You need to inspect them properly to make sure that you are able to meet all the proper standards. There are components that you need to be aware of such as ball mounts, wiring kits, hitch adapters, trailer balls, hitch pins, draw bars, locks and towing bars. There are many models in the market. You may have a great-looking trailer, but things can be quite risky if your hitch is inadequate.

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