Kidney/Renal Diseases In Dogs And Cats

Kidney/Renal Diseases In Dogs And Cats

There are some Severe Diseases that a Pet can Develop. Renal/Kidney Disorder is one of them. Pet Parent Required taking immediate action as its detected.

What is Renal Disorder:

One of the most common ailments in dogs and cats is kidney (renal) disease, a broad term that applies to any disease process that leaves the kidneys unable to effectively filter toxins out of the blood and maintain water balance in the body. In acute kidney disease, signs can occur quickly and can be very severe, while chronic renal issues include non-specific signs and the disease develops slowly.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a progressive condition that is diagnosed after an animal has suffered from kidney disease for several months to years. This condition is also known as a chronic renal disease, chronic renal failure, chronic kidney failure, and chronic renal insufficiency


In the early stages of kidney disease, there are often no clinical signs. The earliest clinical signs of kidney disease are non-specific and often include increased thirst and urination, decreased appetite, and decreased energy levels. As the kidneys begin to fail and toxins build up in the bloodstream, other signs can develop, such as vomiting and loss of appetite

What Causes Kidney Disorder :

 There are many sources of renal issues. “Causes of acute (sudden onset) kidney injury include toxins (like lilies in cats and grapes in dogs), certain infections (such as bacterial urinary tract infections that spread to the kidneys or leptospirosis), and underlying health problems (like high blood calcium levels or shock)

Older pets are especially affected by kidney disease, dogs and cats at any age are susceptible to renal issues.

How to Prevent Renal Problems or CKD  in Your Pet

  • Seeing a veterinarian regularly (at least twice a year, or more if you have a breed that is genetically predisposed to CKD)
  • Viusid Pets Syrup Gives high Quantity of Anti-Oxidants and Raises Immunity.
  • Limiting your pet’s exposure to toxic chemicals (antifreeze, human medications, certain flowers and plants, etc.)
  • Feeding your pet a healthy diet. Grain Free, Multiple Sources of Non-Veg Protein, Biologically Appropriate etc.  “ Orijen Dog and Cat Food “  is a Good Option; I Personally Say.
  • Providing your pet with plenty of fresh, clean water
  • Playing with your pet daily to ensure they get enough exercise
  • Administering veterinarian-prescribed medications exactly as instructed

Treatment-Related Keys :

“ Renalof Pets Syrup “ or Vivaldis Renalof  is Most Considered Supplement to Cure Kidney Diseases. I have seen Wonderful results of this Organic Supplement. Its Herbs and Enzymes based Organic Syrup leading to only Good. No Side-effects have been Reported.

Water: Make Sure you Pet Drink Plenty of Water so that Toxins inside keep on Discharging.

Low Protein Diet: Make Sure your Pet eat Less Protein but High-Quality Protein Food. There are several Renal Diets or Renal Prescription Food also. Do read the label before Buying. Although only 60% Pets like its Taste. So again I say Renalof Syrup is Must.

Regular Tests

Personally, I do not prefer medications like  Aluminum Hydroxide, Aranesp, Amlodipine etc as these may have Side-effects. Organic Treatment by [Renalof Pets Syrup] etc is Safe and Successful.

Hope it will Help You. Feel Free to write us on “ [email protected] “ OR visit www.pethome.in OR Call “ 0 70 5670 1710 “ – Pet Care Helpline.

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