Protecting Your Siberian Husky Dog from Heat

With temperature increasing with each passing day this summer season, animal experts are of the opinion that extreme care should be taken of your Siberian Husky dog so that it can pass this summer heat without any problem. It would be valuable for you to know that heat doesn’t just affect human beings; it is also not good for your dog’s health. And that is why it is extremely important to take some measures to keep your dog protected from the heat. Here is what you need to do. Have a look-

  • The first and most important factor to keep in mind is water. Yes, you keep a bowl of water for your dog, but is your dog drinking from it? Probably it is, but is it drinking enough to survive the growing heat? If not, you will have to take care of your dog’s hydration actively. You will have to keep a track of its water intake. And if you find out that it is not taking sufficient water, then you will have to make sure it drinks its water properly. It’s not just drinking that is important for your dog. You should also see to it that its body is exposed to cold water. To help your dog feel some comfort in the scorching heat, you can encourage it to swim. But allow swimming only when there is a clean, safe water source available nearby.

The reason why it is extremely important for you to get actively involved in taking care of your dog’s hydration is that some dogs are reluctant to drink water. And not just that, they are also not too fond of swimming. Make fresh and cool water available to your dog so that it feels a little appetizing on a hot day. Just like you need to make food ‘fun’ for your kids, you will have to make drinking water fun for your dog. Otherwise, you will not be able to make reluctant dog drink water.

An amazing way to make sure your dog receives the right dosage of water is to make a water-absorbing toy available for it to play with. These toys are readily available in the market and you can buy one to help your dog hydrate itself during the summer season. You can also help it sip from a hose or enjoy freezing treats in the form of ice cubes. If possible, make your dog gorge on freezing unsalted beef or chicken broth.

One thing that you will have to ensure is that the items you provide your dog are dog safe.

However, if your dog is already suffering from dehydration then here are some tell-tale signs to watch out for-

  • A dehydrated dog doesn’t feel hungry
  • Skin elasticity also decreases considerably
  • The dog begins to feel lethargic as there is reduced energy in the body
  • Heavy panting
  • A General feeling of depression
  • Eyes begin to look extremely dry and sunken
  • Dryness on the nose and gums.

As soon as you notice these signs, hydrate your dog, and take it to the vet.

If you have to take your dog outside, make sure you have a bottle of water with you. It’s good if you carry an insulated bottle so that the water inside it doesn’t get heated due to the heat outside. Let your dog drink from it every time it needs water.

  • During the summer season, it is good to avoid places that do not have any protection from the Sun. Although this sounds quite obvious, this is something a lot of people don’t follow. As a result of which, their dogs suffer from dehydration pretty quickly. If your dog loves exercising outside, then make sure you take it out in the early morning or late evening, when there is no direct sun. Even if you take it to a park, make sure it has enough tree cover offering shade.
  • Didn’t you buy your pup home despite the growing Siberian husky price? Well, then why let the heat take a toll on the love of your life. Do everything in your stride to keep it safe. Avoid taking your dog to a place where its paws could burn. Remember, dogs do not wear shoes like humans do. As a result, it’s easier for them to burn their paws while walking. If you are not sure how hot the payment is, just touch it with your fingers to feel the temperature. If it’s unbearable, then it would be wise of you to avoid taking your dog out on a walk. If you have to go out anyway, then it is advisable that you make your dog walk on the grass or soil instead of a concrete pavement. So, basically, you should not mind changing your dog’s day-to-day routine if that is what is good for its health.
  • The Price of Siberian Husky Puppies may not be the lowest, they are extremely popular. Why? Because they make good friends as they love playing with their owner. But when your Siberian husky is playing in the sun, there are things that you should be concerned about. Actually, a dog doesn’t know that it is exhausted or dehydrated until serious symptoms begin to appear. And that is why it is important for you to keep the behavior of your dog under the radar. A dog that is already affected by heat is likely to pant a lot. It is also likely to find a shady place for itself to lie down. Another symptom that could help you figure out that your dog is not being able to tolerate the heat is digging of the soil. The reason why dogs dig soil during a hot day is that they want a cooler place to lie down on, which they try to find underneath the top layer of the soil.
  • The last and most important tip to follow is to avoid leaving your dog in a parked car on a hot day. The inside of such a car can get extremely heated because of which your dog can suffer from a heat stroke. Why let that happen when it can easily be avoided with a little carefulness.

If you want beautiful canine companions, then buy Siberian husky puppies. But don’t let them suffer in the summer heat. By taking the above precautions and remedies into account, you will definitely be able to save your Siberian Husky dog from heat.

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